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Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre is supported by the National Arts Council under the Major Company Scheme for the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019.

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what's on > past productions > 2014 season > dance drama: a startling dream

In collaboration with award-winning contemporary choreographer, Madam Xiao Yan Ying from the Beijing Dance Academy, this represents our first inaugural core production since the transformation to professional status after receiving the “NAC Seed Grant” in 2013.


“Dance Drama: A Startling Dream” is an adaptation of Tang Xian Zu's “The Peony Pavilion”, one of the most celebrated Chinese literary works and plays from the Ming dynasty. Through the creative application of the model "a table and two chairs" - a typical performing style of traditional Chinese Opera, this is the first time an adaptation of this play will be staged live in Singapore.

Xiao Yanying is an Associate Professor and Supervisor of postgraduate studies in the Department of Choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy, China. Ranked among some of China’s most outstanding choreographers, her works are widely praised by the general public and have repeatedly won top tier awards in national competitions.


Her masterful dance creations include: "Our Father Our Mother," "Three Friends of Winter", "Rareness", “Words of the Lotus Pond”, "Mother", "Flower in the Rain", "Hawthorn Tattler", "Mark – Yuanmingyuan Palace Capriccio", "Phoenix Nirvana", etc.


She has also participated in the creation of several dance dramas, including “Ms. Liniang”, “Diary of Kekexili”, “The Years of Passion”, “Shi Guangrong and Me”, “Love and Hate for the Yuanmingyuan Palace”, “Dream of Dunhuang”, “Loss of Love”, “Dream on the Red Mansions – Mourner for the Soul of Flowers”, etc.

Her other works include: the original opera of the “NCPA Xi Shi”, “The Beauty”, a large-scale modern Huangmei Opera “Yan Fengying”, a large-scale luxury youth version of the Kunqu Opera “Dream of the Red Mansion”, the experimental drama “Force of Habitant” and “On the Road”.


Xiao Yanying

Guest Choreographer

Neo Jenny started her training in Classical Chinese and Chinese Folk dance at the age of ten under the tutelage of her mother, Madam Lim Moi Kim.


In 2004, she was awarded training grants from the National Arts Council, Singapore, and scholarships from the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan to further her professional training at Beijing Dance Academy, China. In 2005, Jenny continued her studies at Lasalle - College of the Arts, Singapore and graduated with a BA (Honours).


In recent years, she has been an active choreographer for the dance company and MOE schools, and has participated enthusiastically in national competitions and events such as Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), Danceworks, Sprouts, Chingay and National Day. Her list of commendable works include “Invisible Entity”, “Teahouse”, “In the Frontline”, “Tears of Nanjing”, “In the Nick of Time” and “Snow Blossom”.


In her most recent and rewarding role as a dancer, Jenny portrayed the role of Madam White Snake, the female lead dancer in the dance drama at the Singapore National Arts Council’s programme “Dancing In Unity 2010”.  

Neo Jenny

Rehearsal Director, Lead Dancer

Ruimin graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Dance. Majoring in Chinese Dance with a minor in Choreography, Ruimin was awarded the Chinese Dance Faculty Scholarship and the William Au Arts Education Scholarship during her studies. She is also the recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Overseas).


As a student, she gained a wealth of experience participating in productions such as “November Dances”, “Dance Repertory Concert”, “Dance/ Matters”, "Luminous", "Spirited!", etc., where she worked with talented choreographers such as Xing Liang, Liu Qi, Wu Kam Ming. Upon graduation, Ruimin subsequently performed with CIE. Ismael Ivo (DE/BR) Biblioteca Do Corpo "No Sacre" in Vienna and Brazil, and also participated in the "15th Anniversary of Handover of Hong Kong" and "The 4th Minorities Art Festival of China."

Li Rui Min

Lead Dancer

Jiang Wei began his Classical dance training at the Affiliated Middle School of Hubei Art College. He continued his studies at the Beijing Dance Academy, where he graduated with Honors in Dance in 2012.


Jiang Wei has performed in numerous performances such as “Spirit of Calligraphy”, “Clay Puppet” and etc. He also undertook lead roles in “Dream of Dunhuang” and “Ms. Liniang”.


In 2008, he received the Gold award in the “9th Taoli Cup Dance Competition”. He is also the Wushu champion in the category of Taichi sword and fist in the region of Beijing.

Jiang Wei

Guest Lead Dancer 

22 February 2014, 21:00 - 21:30


In this post-performance dialogue, choreographer Madam Xiao Yanying will share behind-the-scenes experience of creating her dance masterpiece; hosted by SCDT artistic advisor, Dr Chua Soo Pong.


Dialogue in Mandarin and English. Free admission for valid ticket holder.



Post Performance Dialogue

With Guest Choreographer, Xiao Yanying

23 February 2014, 13:30 – 16:00


In this workshop led by lead artiste Jiang Wei, winner of 2009 Cultural award in the 9th Peach Cup and Plum Cup Dance Competition, experience the infinite possibilities of Classical Chinese dance through a series of movement based exercises.


Instruction in Mandarin. Free admission for valid ticket holder.

Chinese Dance Workshop

With Guest Lead Dancer, Jiang Wei

22 February 2014

8:00 pm

Kallang Theatre

60 minutes (no intermission)