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Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre is supported by the National Arts Council under the Major Company Scheme for the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019.

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EMERGENCE 2015 is a new platform aimed at showcasing Singapore upcoming Chinese choreographers and dancers, encouraging experimentation choreography of Chinese Dance in a black box setting.


This showcase featured six new dance works inspired by "Walls".



Choreographer: Ah Sen Hock Fen

Dancers: Bianca Loh Wen-Qi, Li Ruimin, Li Shi Hui, Tan Mei Zheng and Tan Zhu Nian



Choreographer: Yuki Lim Xiao Yun

Dancers:Cheryl Him Wan Kee, Lai Xue Leong Xavier, Ong Yu Ying Jasmine and Yip Wei Ren Raymond


Farewell《离 |别》

Choreographers:Goh Jing Ying and Ng Yen Ngee

Dancers:Goh Jing Ying, Ng Yen Ngee and Yuan Wenqian



Choreographer:Zhang Xiaoqi

Dancer: Zhang Xiaoqi


Confining Love《红杏出墙》

Choreographer:Yuki Lim Xiao Yun

Dancers:Chee Hiang Luan, Cheryl Him Wan Kee, Tan Mei Zheng, Wong Chi Man and Yuki Lim Xiao Yun


Paucity of (IM)perfection《未臻》

Choreographers:Li Ruimin and Zheng Long

Dancers:Li Ruimin and Zheng Long

Supported by

If you are interested in supporting this production, please contact us.

If you are interested in supporting this production, please contact us.





17 January 2015 (Saturday) & 18 January 2015 (Sunday)

3:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Black Box Theatre

60 minutes (no intermission)


Yuki starts dancing at the age of thirteen under her mentor, Mdm Yam Boon Fong where she develops her passion in Chinese dance. After which she continues her training under Mdm Ding Hong and Mr Zhou Lei in NUS Chinese Dance, Singapore Foochow Association and Theatre Arts Troupe. Constantly training in Chinese dance, she is actively involved in annual performances.


As an active member of NUSCD, she was involved in choreography, stage managing, organizing and running events. She was nominated and awarded Alumni of the Year under Tan Ean Kiam Arts Award 2010, presented by NUS Centre for the Arts. She also attended several overseas performance and cultural exchanges during her years in schools such as overseas training at Beijing Dance Academy Mauritius's 60th Anniversary of Republic of China under NUS Chinese Dance, Korea Gyeongju World Performing Arts Festival 2007 and Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich's 150th Anniversary Celebrations.


Guest Choreographer 

Ah Sen Hok Fen, started performing in Mauritius, before moving to Singapore for university. While in NUS, he was a pioneer member of the award-winning Hip-Hop crew “Lil White Ridin Hoods”. He was awarded with a scholarship by Jitterbugs Swingapore and was later recruited as a full-time instructor with Rhythm ‘N’ Moves studio.


Actively promoting Chinese dance through various choreographies since 2007 NUS Arts Festival as well as Exxon Mobil Campus Concert, he led a 14-member group from NUS Chinese Dance to Mauritius for a 2-night cultural show in 2009. He has also choreographed for the "Rhythm of Life" concerts in 2011 and 2014.


He has performed in countries such as Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. He has been consistently choreographing for NUS King Edward VII Hall as an alumnus and while teaching at both primary and secondary schools; his choreographies were awarded “Gold with Honours” and “Certificate of Distinction” at the Singapore Youth Festival. 


Guest Choreographer 

Jing Ying began dancing since the age of six and has since picked up Chinese dance as well as ballet. She has participated in many dance productions and competitions with various dance groups including Dance Ensemble Singapore and NUS Chinese Dance. She has also choreographed for various NUS Chinese Dance productions since 2010. She began attending classes at Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre in 2013.


Guest Choreographer 

Ruimin graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Dance. Majoring in Chinese Dance with a minor in Choreography, Ruimin was awarded the Chinese Dance Faculty Scholarship and the William Au Arts Education Scholarship during her studies. She is also the recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Overseas).

As a student, she gained a wealth of experience participating in productions such as “November Dances”, “Dance Repertory Concert”, “Dance/ Matters”, "Luminous", "Spirited!", etc., where she worked with talented choreographers such as Xing Liang, Liu Qi, Wu Kam Ming, Cai Ying. Upon graduation, Ruimin subsequently performed with CIE. Ismael Ivo (DE/BR) Biblioteca Do Corpo "No Sacre" in Vienna and Brazil, and also participated in the "15th Anniversary of Handover of Hong Kong" and "The 4th Minorities Art Festival of China." Ruimin was also a participating artist in the "Asia Dance workshop" in korea and has worked with choreographers Idit and Kim Seol Jin as well.


Ruimin joined Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) in 2013, her most recent core performance with SCDT "Dance Drama: A Startling Dream", where she played the female lead role Du Li Niang. She also performed "The Wilderness" as Jinzi with the company in their tour to China.



Zheng Long graduated from the ZheJiang Vocational Academy of Art, majoring in Chinese dance. He has played major roles in "Yellow River", "男儿", "谷灵生息", "光芒芒" which received several awards in competitions. He also worked with Guan Yi Yi in "漠然的远离". Zheng Long danced in "东城决" at the tenth Tao Li Cup competition group dance category and was awarded the third prize. Upon graduation, he performed extensively in China before joining Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre in 2014.



Ng Yen Ngee, started dancing at the tender age of four, and spent her formative years honing her skills in both ballet and Chinese dance, crediting her passion and expertise in both genres to her mentors Ms Sylvia Mccully and Mdm Chen Li Li. Currently, she is an active member of NUS Chinese Dance under the tutelage of Mdm Ding Hong and Mr Zhou Lei. She also choreographed various pieces for NUS Chinese dance and for NUS Eusoff Hall.


Guest Choreographer 

Xiaoqi graduated in 2011 from the Dance Academy of Yunnan Arts Institute with a MA degree, research in Ethnic dance education, and was appointed as the Vice-President of the Yunnan Arts Institute Student Council. She studied her BA degree in Shenyang Conservatory of Music and graduated as the “Outstanding Graduate”, majoring in Chinese Classical Dance and minoring in Chinese Ethnic dance. She had also received national scholarship several times, and is the only recipient of the full scholarship from Shenyang conservatory of music.


Throughout the years, Xiaoqi has been actively serving the community using dance as a medium. In 2010, she was appointed as the choreographer for “The 9th Yunnan Province Ethnic Group Sports Carnival”, and choreographed the aerobic exercise using the dance elements from the Yi Tribe. In 2011, she gave artistic guidance and choreographed for the stage play “Love Is On The Move”, which was organized by The Third Women’s Prison of Yunnan Province. In the same year, she was also appointed as the Assistant Editor by the China Education Circle Federation and worked on a national level research project “The New Education of China”, and was given the title of “National Outstanding Educator” by the China Education Circle Federation.


Guest Choreographer

Meet up with the young choreographers together with our artistic advisor Mr. Chong King Ching after the performance as they will share their insight with you about their choreography. This post-performance dialogue will be conducted in Chinese.