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Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre is supported by the National Arts Council under the Major Company Scheme for the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019.

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EMERGENCE is a new works showcase platform initiated by the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre for aspiring choreographers to take up the challenge of Chinese dance choreography, develop their artistic potential, and have an opportunity to present their works to and be recognised by an audience.


In the fourth running series of EMERGENCE, we open the stage to our budding choreographers to "Create". Watch as Elizabeth Chan, Li Ruimin, Teo Tong Wei, Yong Yong Xin, Zeng Xiang and Zheng Long bring to life their delightful, original creations.


Meet up with the choreographers after the performance as they will share their behind-the-scene experiences with you. This post-performance dialogue will be conducted in Chinese.



Han Feng Jin Jian《汉风今见》

Choreographer: Elizabeth Chan Mei Qi

Dancer: Fiona Lim, Li Ruimin, Lai Wei Xuan and Maria Yee


Wo De Ping Fan Shi Jie《我的平凡世界》

Choreographer: Teo Tong Wei

Dancer:Huang Yun Ye, Kelly Tan and Ong Yu Wen



Choreographer:Li Ruimin, Zheng Long

Dancers:Li Ruimin, Zheng Long


Colour of Fall《秋色》

Choreographer:Yong Yong Xin

Dancers:  Ang Hui Yi, Lee Shi Hui, Tan May Kim, Tay Chien Wen, Wang Wenman


Whisper of the Moon《望月》

Choreographer:Wu Kam-Ming (Hong Kong)

Dancer:Li Ruimin


With Love from Home《情怀·乡》

Choreographers:Zeng  Xiang

Dancers: Alexxys Sugianto, Ang Hui Yi, Joe Ong Jie Yi, Lai Wei Xuan, Ling Li Yi Adoncia, Yip Jin wen

Supported by

If you are interested in supporting this production, please contact us.

If you are interested in supporting this production, please contact us.





17 February 2017 (Saturday) | 8pm

18 February 2017 (Sunday) | 3 pm

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) Blackbox Theatre

60 minutes (no intermission)



Ruimin graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Dance. Majoring in Chinese Dance with a minor in Choreography, Ruimin was awarded the Chinese Dance Faculty Scholarship and the William Au Arts Education Scholarship during her studies. She is also the recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Overseas).

As a student, she gained a wealth of experience participating in productions such as “November Dances”, “Dance Repertory Concert”, “Dance/ Matters”, "Luminous", "Spirited!", etc., where she worked with talented choreographers such as Xing Liang, Liu Qi, Wu Kam Ming, Cai Ying. Upon graduation, Ruimin subsequently performed with CIE. Ismael Ivo (DE/BR) Biblioteca Do Corpo "No Sacre" in Vienna and Brazil, and also participated in the "15th Anniversary of Handover of Hong Kong" and "The 4th Minorities Art Festival of China." Ruimin was also a participating artist in the "Asia Dance workshop" in korea and has worked with choreographers Idit and Kim Seol Jin as well.



Zheng Long graduated from the ZheJiang Vocational Academy of Art, majoring in Chinese dance. He has played major roles in "Yellow River", "男儿", "谷灵生息", "光芒芒" which received several awards in competitions. He also worked with Guan Yi Yi in "漠然的远离". Zheng Long danced in "东城决" at the tenth Tao Li Cup competition group dance category and was awarded the third prize.



Meet up with the young choreographers after the performance as they will share their insight with you about their choreography. This post-performance dialogue will be conducted in Chinese.


Zeng Xiang is a degree graduated from the Hua Qiao University, School of Music and Dance (Education). During his studies, he participated in the China Central Television Night Gala performance as one of the lead dancers in《天游记》,《最炫民族风》, etc. Zeng Xiang participated and obtained "Preserving Traditional Dance Culture" award in the ninth Tao Li Cup competition. He also received several awards in competitions within Chongqing. Upon Graduation, he went into teaching in Malaysia and Thailand before joining SCDT in 2015.



Tong Wei's dance journey started with Chinese dance at the age of 8. Since then, she has participated in numerous school performances and competitions, clinching several Gold awards at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts presentation. With a deep interest in Chinese dance, she furthered her training at Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT), previously known as Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Theatre under Mdm Lim Moi Kim and Mdm Jenny Neo.


She first tried her hand at choreography during her tertiary education at the National University of Singapore, where she also had the opportunity to enrich herself with other genres such as contemporary and hip-hop. Infusing elements from different dance genres while keeping to the roots of Chinese dance, Tong Wei aims to bring across meaningful  messages to her audiences through the expression of body movements.



Yong Xin graduated with a Diploma in Dance at Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore) in 2010. With the support of National Arts Council (NAC) scholarship, she obtained a degree in Dance choreography from Beijing Dance Academy, China in 2015. During her studies, she was under the tutelage of dance artistes from China - Zhang Yu Jun, Sun Long Kui, Zhao Wei Qiu, Shi Min, Ou Si Wei, Xia Wei Jia and Han Ping. Yong Xin had also performed in dance pieces by Tammy L Wong (Singapore), Melissa Quek (Singapore), Albert Tiong (Malaysia), Gecko Siompo (Indonesia), Loretta Livingston (USA) and Grace Jun (USA).




Official Ticket Agent

After graduating from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Beijing Dance Academy (majoring in Chinese Folk Dance Performance), Wu joined the Hong Kong Dance Company in 1994. He took up the lead role in various HKDC productions including the Monkey King in Journey to the West, Pinocchio in Pinocchio, Anderson in King of Fairy Tales, Black Beauty in Farewell My Concubine and Dongfang Bubai in The Smiling Proud Wanderer. He was the assistant choreographer in Butterfly Lovers, King of Fairy Tales, The Smiling Proud Wanderer, Border Town, Angel Falls and Qingming Riverside. He was also the Executive Choreographer of My Little Green Planet and the choreographer in Joseph Koo’s Classic Melodies. He was also one of the choreographers in the dance poem As Time Goes By organized by the Hong Kong Dance Federation Limited. His recent choreographed work include 8/F Platform – Solitude, Dance Dairy of Wu Kam-ming, and Dancer in the Dark in Fly; the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 2009 Dance 1 Program Nirvana and 2012 Dance 2 Program Last Blossom. His solo dance Chrysanthemum has been performed in various stages with great applause.



Elizabeth graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2013 with a BFA (Honours), majoring in Chinese Dance. During her time in Hong Kong, she performed with the Hong Kong Dance Company Outreach team on multiple occasions.


Upon graduation, she became a full-time parade dancer in Hong Kong Disneyland. In Singapore, Elizabeth has performed with the Theatre Arts Troupe, the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre and Xinyi Dance Company both locally and overseas. In August 2016, she completed her MA in Dance Studies at the University of Roehampton (London), and was awarded the International Excellence Scholarship. Elizabeth is also actively involved in dance research, and her research interests are in contemporary Chineseness and its political and socio-cultural implications and phenomena in the dance field. She believes in the importance of both practice and theory, and seeks to explore how the dancing body can claim a space in the larger world.