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Tommy Wong has obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree majoring in Lighting Design from Purchase College, State of University of New York. He is the founding chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Theatre Technicians and Scenographers and a founding committee member of the Technical Theatre Association of Singapore.


For the past 20 years, he has been the Technical, Director, Production Manager, Lighting and Set Designer for numerous musical, music theatre, dance and drama productions staged in the USA, Europe and Asia. He has also been a co-facilitator for the Foundation Courses in Technical Theatre at Esplanade since 1999. His works include the lighting design for the APEC evening concert in Esplanade Theatre.


"Reminiscing the Moon" by Singapore Dance Theatre was at Esplanade's opening festival in 2002. Tan Dun opera "Tea" in Beijing, National Centre for the Performing Arts, musical "Song of the Light and Shadow" premised in Beijing by CCTV-6, "The Palace of Eternal Youth" by Jiangsu Kun Opera Troupe that premiered in Taipei and subsequently in Beijing, Jacky Cheung musical "Snow Wolf Lake" world premiere in Hong Kong.


Tommy received the Wen Hua Award for Best Set Design "Shenzhen Story" by Shenzhen Song and Dance Troupe and Best Lighting Design "Yellow Earth, Yellow River" & "Desperately Seeking Miss Blossom" by Hong Kong Dance Company in Hong Kong Dance Award 2001 & 2008.


Light and Set Designer

Collaborator for ROOTED | A Triple Bill (2015) 

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