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Xiao Yanying is an Associate Professor and Supervisor of postgraduate studies in the Department of Choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy, China. Ranked among some of China’s most outstanding choreographers, her works are widely praised by the general public and have repeatedly won top tier awards in national competitions.


Her masterful dance creations include: "Our Father Our Mother," "Three Friends of Winter", "Rareness", “Words of the Lotus Pond”, "Mother", "Flower in the Rain", "Hawthorn Tattler", "Mark – Yuanmingyuan Palace Capriccio", "Phoenix Nirvana", etc.


She has also participated in the creation of several dance dramas, including “Ms. Liniang”, “Diary of Kekexili”, “The Years of Passion”, “Shi Guangrong and Me”, “Love and Hate for the Yuanmingyuan Palace”, “Dream of Dunhuang”, “Loss of Love”, “Dream on the Red Mansions – Mourner for the Soul of Flowers”, etc.


Her other works include: the original opera of the “NCPA Xi Shi”, “The Beauty”, a large-scale modern Huangmei Opera “Yan Fengying”, a large-scale luxury youth version of the Kunqu Opera “Dream of the Red Mansion”, the experimental drama “Force of Habitant” and “On the Road”.


Choreographer (China)

Collaborator for Dance Drama: A Startling Dream (2014)

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